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Upload Queue
Check the selected files and start uploading.

※ Upload한 file은 server에 저장하지 않습니다.


FancyUpload = new FancyUpload('upload-filedata', {
  url: '/ajax/upload.php', // Upload target URL, default is form-action if given, otherwise current page
  swf: '/public/swiff.uploader.swf', // Path and filename of the swf file
  multiple: true, // Multiple files selection, default: true
  types: {'Images (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png)': '*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.png'}, // extensions
  limitSize: false, //Maximum size for one added file
  limitFiles: false, // Maximum files in the queue, default: false
  queueList: 'upload-queue', // The Element or ID for the queue list
  uploadTimeout: '6', // upload timeout (sec)
  onAllComplete: function() { // Event fired when all files uploaded
    // Ajax.Request for upload result
    new Ajax.Request('/ajax/upload-result.php', {
      mothod: 'POST', onSuccess: function(req) {
        setTimeout(function() {
          // clear the queue list
        }, 1500);
        // display the upload result
        $('upload-status').innerHTML = req.responseText;


  • fancyupload.css의 Image경로를 올바르게 수정하세요.
  • Server-side 예제는 upload.phpupload-result.php 파일을 참고하세요.